Medical team Admin control panel

This part illustrates the «Medical Team Admin» (MTA) user account. The MTA can customize the features of PROACT 2.0 in relation to each Study and in relation to the needs of the medical team associated with a group of patients.
The MTA Control Panel allows to customize PROACT 2.0 for several aspects, e.g.:
  • include a description of the protocol in pdf format and the specific contacts (e.g. telephone numbers, e-mail, helpdesk, etc.) for each medical-nursing team;
  • set a text that can be sent to patients immediately after the account creation/suspension/deactivation;
  • register doctors, nurses, patients, researchers, data managers;
  • compile, organize and send questionnaires.
The MTA account is assigned by the IA, responsible for the general PROACT 2.0 system configuration.
Depending on the specific requirements of any Team, the system allows the IA to customize the functions of the Mobile/Web App for each "Study", such as enabling/disabling the messaging functions, the Analyst Console, etc.
The following video summarize the MTA interface.
PROACT2 Medical team Admin control panel.mp4