This pages introduce the usage of PROACT 2.0 mobile and web App for the management of patients-to-medical-team communication within early phase clinical trial.
Specifically, PROACT 2.0 represents an alternative way of communication between the patient and the referring doctors and nurses. The App allows to send text, voice and videos messages, which will be visualized by the medical team. PROACT 2.0 allow doctors to send scheduled or on-demand questionnaires to the patients included in the trials.
PROACT 2.0 is not intended for emegency purposes that require immediate and prompt activation and that refer to country-specific emergency number.
The tool was part of the “UpSmart” Accelerator research project, funded by Cancer Research UK, the Italian Cancer Research Association, Fundación Cientifica del Asociación Española Contra el Càncer.
The following scheme describes the structure of PROACT 2.0 system.